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Pics of your Suzuki powered boat here, & fish you've caught

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  • Pics of your Suzuki powered boat here, & fish you've caught

    This thread is for members to post pics of the Suzuki powered boats/motors, and of course, the numerous fish that are naturally attracted by our great Suzuki engines!

    Most of the posts on the forum are of course from people asking for information or seeking help with problems.

    So this thread is for a bit of fun and to lighten things up, and to share the good times.

    Yes, you are allowed, even encouraged, to show off your new toys!

    And yes, its fine to brag about your latest catch. We might see species from all over the world with any luck!!


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    Rod and Grant's tinny project

    This is a project boat that my fishing friend Rod and i have been doing. Its now finished (I think!) and ready to test run this weekend.

    Last September Rod picked up from a deceased estate the 1990 model Stacer 430 V nose alloy punt on a pretty good gal trailer including a 1995 Johnson 25 tiller outboard, the whole lot was in great condition. The boat was bare except for 3 cross-thwart seats in it and nothing else.

    First big job - rip the middle seat seat out, and have some extra ribs welded in to replace the strenght provided by the seat. Weld in alloy framework for a flat floor, and for a flat casting deck forward and between the rear cross-thwart seat and the transom for a rear casting deck. Install bases in several positions for the 2 seats for skipper and deckie. Carpet the lot. Fortunately Rod knows a guy that does great welding so he took care of that.

    Welded in a battery box under the front casting deck, and a pad to bolt the bow mount electric trolling motor to. Install a switch box, plus a bracket for the GPS and sounder. Put glove boxes into the vertical parts of the structure for keys, wallets and other valuables. Install LED nav lights and white allround. Install 4 x LED strip lights in the corners of the cockpit. Get a new set of jifejackets and safety gear, and first aid kit to live in sealed plastic boxes under the casting deck.

    Rod had 2 seats from his Seaswirl Striper upgrade sitting in the shed so we've used them. He also had a Lowrance Global Map GPS and I had a HDS5x sounder sitting around following upgrades to our bigger boats - all still in fine condition, so they provide the eyes and ears.

    Installed new Watersnake 54lb bow mount electric with IR remotes that I picked up at a end of model clearance sale on the front, plus got a 140ah deep cycle battery to power it.

    Final job was to get the DF40A fitted that my mate Jon, who is our local Suzuki dealer, found for us - another client wanted more hp on his boat (same as us) so upgraded his 2.5 yr old 40 for a new 60, so we got the 40 with still another 2.5 yrs factory warranty still to run for 60% of what a new one would have cost.

    Sold the 25 Johnson for $650.

    Put new axle, springs, hubs, 14" wheels and LT tyres plus a spare wheel bracket and new LED lights on the boat trailer so its now up to spec.

    Few pics for you to enjoy. Note the boat is a fully welded hull, here in Australia no ally boats have been rivetted since the early 1970's.

    The swing away electronics bracket

    My son Brendan at the helm of the DF40A

    Rod surveying the finished interior stuctural work

    The view of the bow area.

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      My boat is a 21' Arima Sea Ranger Hard Top. Pacific NW built! Suzuki DF140.

      No it's not a scene from Dexter! This was albacore tuna fishing.



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        Nice! We need a "like" button on this forum. Nice boat, good fish!

        Although that photo looks like a Texas chainsaw massacre scene .....!


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          I like the bloody tuna ..
          unfortunately I don't have a really good photo of the boat..
          I do have a couple of fish pictures to share
          I have to start with that fact that I had close to 10 months of no fishing with a broken wrist that took surgeries to fix.. then had the best fall salmon fishing, ever. live here in Oregon and fish the coastal waters and rivers..
          beside the usual 15-20 pound fall Chinook Salmon.. I hooked and landed 3 that were 35 lbs - a 40 lb and a 45 lb ..all Chinooks or Kings depending on where you live..
          attempting to attach a couple of photos..
          the first photo standing in the boat with the buoy in the background was taken 5 days after I broke the wrist.. still went fishing..
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            Zuks find fish, If this gets a lot of views maybe adding nice stuff to the forum,like fishing Remember this post
            Grant, I am glad you did this Thread
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              from France
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                Originally posted by tomille3 View Post
                from France
                Nice! I like the dash setup and white Zuke! They charge extra for the white motors here in Australia - what about in Europe?


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                  As a know , in Europe White or black the prices are same


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                    Happy days 2015

                    Happy days 2015

                    Got my Suzuki Powered boat by road:
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                      Took the "tinny" pictured earlier in this thread out today in one of the local rivers.

                      Caught a couple of buckets full of tasty banana prawns (shrimp to you guys in the US). Very tasty lunch is waiting for me tomorrow!

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                        Reel nice and I'll bet great eating. How large are they? Do use them for bait anytime


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                          Bigger ones were about 4" or so long. This lot was about medium size for what we get.

                          We do keep the smaller ones for bait, and if you use them live, they are very good bait indeed!

                          Had the whole family over for dinner last night, we poslished a fair percentage of them off, sent hald a gallon home with my Uncle, and having the last kilo tonight as old fashioned curry prawns with rice.


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                            My freshwater stealth dingy

                            That's the catch, not the bait!!!


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                              Kind of similar to our tinny. Looks like a great boat for fishing the lakes and rivers. What hp motor?