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Suzuki Fuel Gauge Problem

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  • Suzuki Fuel Gauge Problem

    Just purchased a new boat with a Suzuki 90 hp four stroke with Suzuki Gauges. The problem I'm having is the fuel tank is full but the gauge only reads about 2/3 full. Is there a way to calibrate the gauge. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    There are several different gauges, some are analogue, some digital.

    Digital gauges
    These can be set up to show fuel level 2 different ways -

    1. one is a calculated level derived from engine fuel burn, and this can be calibrated if it is inaccurate. It can be shown as a bar graph or a number eg 40 gallons used or remaining. I usually recommend showing this as a figure because its more accurate than a graph or gauge.

    2. The other way is by converting the electical signal from a standard tank sender to NMEA2000 data and displaying it on the digital gauge in a bar graph etc.

    Analogue gauges
    The analogue gauges work from electric tank senders and cant be calibrated, if not reading right there is usually a problem with the sending unit on the tank or wiring to the gauge.

    So we need more information from you about which gauge you have before we can provide more info.

    It is also very useful to know which country you are in, because different digital gauges are used outside the USA.
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      Hi. Thanks for the reply. I'm is the USA. The gauge is Analogue. I'm sure the tank is full because I can see the fuel all the way to the top. The gauge reads about 2/3 full and does move towards E when the motor is in use. Not sure how accurate it is at E cause I don't run it till its empty.


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        Ok, then the problem is with the sender unit, most likely if it is a float style sender then the float is set wrong. Probably have to remove the sender unit from the tank and adjust. Not something you want to mess with when you have a full tank of fuel.

        This is not a Suzuki issue - it is a boat issue, suggest you get the boat dealer to fix it.