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no diagnostic at all from ECM 1999 df40

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  • no diagnostic at all from ECM 1999 df40

    Hi all.

    Since 2 weeks I got no diagnostic from ECM but I got power to trim (both from remote and from the engine) and to starter motor. This happened after 2 total black out during navigation in rough sea conditions. after the first I got again power and diagnostics at the helm but after the second shutdown no longer. I tested the WW and I have 12 V at the ECM main relay. I also heard solenoid to click when ignition switch is on. I got no output form ECM and therefore although the starter motor is running the engine is not startting of course: non fuel high pressure pump, no sparking, etc.etc.

    I also test the ECM main relay: it seems ok.

    any idea for further investigations?

    Thanks to all

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    Did you check all the wiring? Especially ground?
    Regards, Martin
    DF200 2007