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2016 DF140 wiring harness question...

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  • 2016 DF140 wiring harness question...


    I've looked everywhere to find a wiring harness installation/instruction diagram - with zero luck.

    I'm rigging my new outboard and setting up the gauges (tach with system monitor part #99105-80001, speedo, and hour meter part #99105-80007).
    Wiring the harness to the remote control box/key switch is simple - they just plug into the wiring harness.

    On the end of the harness, one of the connections plugs into the tach - simple.

    Now this is where I have questions...

    One the back of the tach, there are three additional sets of wires coming out. A set of grey wires with male/female bullet connectors, a set of black wires with male/female bullet connectors, and a single yellow wire with a male bullet connector.

    The wire harness has a white wire w/ blue stripe that has a clear plastic cover sealing it up) which I'm wondering what it's for?

    At the end of the harness the wires split into two, with one set containing three female bullet connectors (two black wires into one connector, one white wire and one red wire into one connector, and a single yellow wire into one connector). The second set contains two female bullet connectors (one red wire with a grey stripe into one connector, and two black wires into one connector).

    On the back of the hour meter, there are two wires coming out - both with a male and female bullet connector. One set of wires is grey and the other black.

    I've attached a sketch of what I'm writing about to help make a bit more sense.

    Anyone able to "connect the dots" for me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It doesn't look like anyone responded. I'm now running into the same problems. Can YOU help ME?


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      Color code for the gauge cluster wiring is...
      Yellow - Tach Signal
      Grey - 12v Key Switch Power
      Black - Ground
      Red/Green - Gauge Lights (but is really just key switch power (as you will be able to notice by the grey wire and red/green wire connecting together as youmentioned). It's different in color because Suzuki wants the installer to use this lead, and the ground lead bundled with it, to supply the gauge lights)
      The reason you have dual leads (female and male connections) for everything, except tach signal, is to make the daisy chaining of multiple guages easy. Each male connection of the tachometer should be connected to the corresponding connections from the harness. Then from gauge to gauge thereafter, the female connections should be viewed as delivering (either power or ground, depending on the color) to the next gauge in line. Meaning the male connections would be seen as receiving. Just repeat the chain for each gauge in line.