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2013 df115 Intermittent stalling

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  • 2013 df115 Intermittent stalling

    Hi - I have a 2013 df115a that is experiencing some stalling issues. Occasionally the engine will stall immediately after starting. It always starts right up and stays running the next attempt, with the very seldom long crank followed by it starting/running properly. It never does this on the first start of the day, or the start when flushing after towing home. Also, sometimes the engine will stall when coming down from plane and returning to neutral. It always starts right back up.

    I believe the engine is out of warranty. I have an SDS kit on it's way. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to try and figure out what the issue is? Thanks!

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    A potential culprit is the anti-syphon valve on your fuel tank. They are known to fail, and stalling at idle and particularly after coming off the plane is typical. At speed, the volume of fuel moving thru keeps them open but at low speeds the volume flowing is not sufficient to keep the valve from closing, which starves the engine of fuel. It usually takes some pumping of the primer bulb to get the engine started again, though.

    Friend had this issue and we simply removed the AS valve from the tank, punched the internal parts of the valve out on the workbench, and reinstalled the now empty fitting back on the tank and reconnected fuel hose. Problem solved.

    Even if this turns out not to be the problem, the fix as above is easy to do and costs nothing if you do it yourself, and at least you have eliminated one possible problem
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      Thanks Moonlighter - I eliminated this vent but am still having the issue. I even tested it with the fuel cap removed.

      Bumping the idle up a bit has eliminated the stalling when coming down from plane (probably just a band-aid). But I still experience the start/stall issue. When searching this issue I see some references to the IAC and ECU... Are there any tests that can be done to help troubleshoot? I have a video of it below. Thanks


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        I measured the resistance on the IAC, 0.