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2007 DF 140 oil alarm

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  • 2007 DF 140 oil alarm

    Had been running slow for about 1 hour and heard a thump/clunk from the direction of the engine (1 sound of this type). Continued motoring for about 10 - 15 minutes and stopped to fish for about 20 minutes. When I restarted the engine, oil alarm went off and engine would not start. When attempting to start, oil alarm would flash. Checked oil and it was full. Towed back to dock and I am now beginning to diagnose the problem. Any suggestion as to how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hard to answer that question - have you got access to someone with the Suzuki SDS system? A check of fault codes would certainly be a decent starting point. And a compression test. See what those show up and take it from there?


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      Moonlighter, thanks for the info. Just got the SDS, will be taking a looksee to find out what it says.