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Suzuki DT 225 EFI 1998

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  • Suzuki DT 225 EFI 1998

    Good day! I introduce myself, my name is leandro, I'm from Argentina and I'm putting together a Suzuki DT 225 EFI Mod. 1998 (22501-861320) I bought it used and cast. and I have the following question, the nautical mechanic that is assembling tells me that it does not have the oil pump that has or lacks any component. (I have the user manual and exploded) the engine brought the oil pump and all the connection system of the (Photo A) and the injection (Photo A 1), ... but the mechanic tells me that it has connections for oil entry in each cylinder (Photo B) and that either something is missing or it has to take the oil pump and all the hoses for the motors (according to manual) 1994 and previous models. (photo C) Could someone help me understand what is missing in this model year for this engine to lubricate well? I would be very grateful
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