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Adding second station issues

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  • Adding second station issues

    I am installing a second station for my 2014 Suzuki 300AP. I bought the second station kit, 67000-98JF, and installed it. I have the Suzuki software Version 8.0 on my laptop. I hooked everything up, I thought, and was able to talk to the master BCM but it did not find the secondary BCM. Ran the calibration, no luck. I swapped the BCMs to make sure the new one was good, it came up as the master was able to talk to it. Ran the calibration and was able to start the engine.

    I discovered that I had not hooked up the 12 VDC power connecter for the second station in the Dual Station Main Harness. Hooked that up. Put the new BCM back in the second station, still only found one BCM. I hooked up the PC to the second station SDS port, It only found that BCM as the master. I tried initializing both BCMs, recycling power but no luck.

    When I do the calibration, the one window shows Single Station, Single Engine. If I change it the Dual Station, Single Engine and click OK, I get an error message.

    Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?

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    Make sure all wiring is connected correctly, connect SDS on your laptop to the master BCM and run the "BCM Initialization"( that will delete previous configurations with number of stations and number of engines). Then connect SDS to sub BCM and run " BCM Initialization", check that the BCM number is displayed on bottom left corner of SDS window so that you know you are connected to BCM.
    Then connect to master BCM and run the " System Calibration" to set number of engines and number of stations and configure lever position.
    If that doesn't work then you have a communication problem between BCM's and ECU's, recheck all wiring and connections.
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      I need to run the setup or initialization of my new BCM for a similar setup. Will I be able to do that with the 8.0 or 8.3 software with those USB adapter kits I see for sale for under $100 or do I need a specific SDS interface? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Between my friend and I we own 7 Suzuki motors so it makes a lot of sense to be able to do diagnostic and setup outselves