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DF2.5 throttle and idle issues

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  • DF2.5 throttle and idle issues

    I got a new 2019 DF 2.5 and I'm having two issues. Just wanted to see if they are actual issues before taking it to a dealer. Only 8 hours in on the break-in period.

    1st issue: High warm idle. When I start the motor cold, it runs at a nice, low idle. I can put it in gear and it works like normal. After running around for 5-10 minutes (getting the engine warm), I start to see issues. If I put the throttle at idle while in gear, it idles at the original rpm. If I switch gear into neutral while a idle, the engine revs up to about quarter rpm. If I try to put it back into gear, it the engine jolts pretty hard because the throttle is so high. Is the engine supposed to throttle higher in neutral after the engine is warm or is there a temperature gauge issue?

    2nd issue: Throttle response. I have notice that there is difference in engine rpm / response after hitting half throttle. Is that normal or should the rpm change over the whole range of the throttle? It doesn't matter if in gear or not.

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    It needs to go back to dealer, if you keep shifting at quarter throttle then you can damage gears in lower unit. Sounds like there is a problem with throttle linkage.
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      Hi Gaisuru,
      I just bought a new 2.5 and it has about 40 minutes on it. I am having the same issue as you described in the first part of your post. What was the solution? Thanks so much for any info you have. Very frustrating.
      - Steve


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        Bump. I have a 2019 df2.5 with the exact issue. I have 25 hours on it and it has always been like this. I choke the engine for a second which drops the revs low enough to smoothly shift into gear. What a pain in the butt.

        If anyone has a better solution, I'm all ears.


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          I realize this is an old thread but I'm having the exact same issue with a new DF2.5. Has anyone figured this out? My dealer says this isn't a warranty issue since nothing is physically broken. I beg to differ - this is brand new and it isn't working correctly!