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DF140 2003 Fuel pump at start?

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  • DF140 2003 Fuel pump at start?

    Hello all,
    question, when I turn the key to turn over, i think I recall hearing a fuel pump? going on right before I turned the key to fully start the motor.
    But as late, and For some reason I don't hear that low tone hummmm as "if" the fuel pump is pre priming the engine anymore. So now at start I need to squeeze the primer ball 2x then try starting it.
    I have zero error messages, and it starts after the primer ball is pumped without issue.
    So, did I used to hear a pump pre priming the system or am i going f$#@&* mad?
    and if so any thoughts as where to look first or what component would have failed, as now i hear nothing .
    Thanks all.

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    have you cleaned the VST where the high pressure fuel pump is?
    I would drain it, go in and remove the pump and inspect the filter that resides on the bottom of the pump.

    the pump is obviously working or the engine would not start at all.
    It maybe that the pump has gone bad in that it has to have some type of pressure regulator switch.
    once you get it out and cleaned up, plug the motor back in and make sure it is running when you turn the key


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      Thanks artdf175;
      I'll be pulling it this weekend and open and clean it all out to see if anything is jelly-ied up inside. Ill replace with a new filter as well.
      Just odd i cant hear the fuel pump anymore at start but it does start and run without an issue..must be the russians.


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        I could be wrong, but it seems to me that when I lost prime to the engine from the bulb I could not hear the pump on my 2003 DF 140. As soon as the pump had something to push against I could hear it.

        If correct, could be the bulb check valve is letting fuel back off toward it's source.
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          Ole Joe; Thanks, makes sense as well. I'll try that tonight! The bulbs last in NE about 2 years at best!