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NEMA 2000 Raymarine % GArmin Network- not reading both engines?

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  • NEMA 2000 Raymarine % GArmin Network- not reading both engines?

    2016 DF 175- Twin Motors
    Raymarine Axiom 9
    Garmin Echo Map 94SV
    New NEMA Network installed
    analog gauges

    The Garmin will only read one engine, doesn't matter- It reads the first engine that starts- Both say engine 1
    Raymarine will not read either one of them, but it looks like it sometimes read the rpms

    Do they program the engines with names when shipped? Is so, is that why its not reading, they are both named engine 1?
    The electronics guy has no idea why its happening?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    It is simple.

    The Suzuki network needs to be configured when first installed - and this can ONLY be done using a Suzuki gauge or a Navico (Simrad or Lowrance) MFD attached to the network. Once configured, they can be taken off the network as the settings are retained.

    To configure using one of these devices involves completing the vessel setup by setting it as 2 engines and 2 fuel tanks (if that is what your boat has) and setting the total fuel capacity, and when that is done, going into the network menu and setting the engine locations - eg setting the Port engine as Port, and the Starboard engine as starboard. This process also sets the engine instances as 0 and 1 respectively.

    The combination of doing these things tells the network that it is dealing with 2 engines and allows the network to distinguish between the data from the 2 engines.

    Unless this is done properly you will experience exactly the problems that you have found.