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DF50 Zilch for power.

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  • DF50 Zilch for power.

    Hi everyone,

    I have an 08 df50 suzuki withremote throttle/choke.. we came up for a trip and the battery was basically dead.. sounded like it was trying to turnover initially just no juice... heard the buzzer and diagnostics so was working initially. . we pulled the battery and charged overnight..

    When putting the old battery back in looks like negative plugged into battery first causing an arc/short when positive was touched touched to its post... Now nothing nada zilch.. "on" position doesnt even trigger diagnostics. Start does nothing.. Even with a new battery (the old battery failed load testing). I've looked at the df50 service manual and it appears there is a 30amp fuse from the battery or is this a fuse in the engine? Also noticed a 15amp fuse before the fuel pump.. did I fry the ECU? Not even sure if there is any fuse inline from battery for protection (old boat and questionable wiring) now that I think of it.

    Unfortunately where we are no voltmeter etc. Does anybody have an idea of roughly where the fuses would be located?


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    there is a white wire that powers to the remote with a built in 15A fuse
    if that is blown then there is no power to the ECM and nothing works
    If the wiring was installed correctly it should come off the battery switch