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Fuel calibration k value invalid

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  • Fuel calibration k value invalid

    I just had twin DF200AP installed on my boat and trying to calibrate fuel usage on C-10 gauges. When I go in menu to calibrate, after selecting set to full, the port engine data fields of “Since last fill(gal)” and “Fuel K-Value” both say “Invalid”. On initial setup I did 2 engines, 1 fuel tank. Starboard engine has data fields in both those previously mentioned areas. Any ideas on why I’m getting the invalid data fields on port engine data?

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    Strange ....

    Anyway - some thoughts

    - as well as doing the 2 engines/1 tank setup, did you then configure the network to set one engine as port and the other as starboard? That is a critical step. If it hasnt been done, do it now. And check that in the engine configuration page, the port engine instance is set as 0 and starboard is 1.

    - in the network menu, device list, select the port engine and then select data. Do the fuel used and K value figures etc appear correctly there? If they do, then the problem is likely to be just a data sources issue. Doing an auto-select for data sources should fix it.

    let me know how those things work out.


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      Yes in the network menu they appear plausible, but I’m not finding the auto-select data sources, where is that option. Thanks for your input Moonlighter


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        In gauge menu, select system/network/data sources and you should see the auto select option there. Make sure everything attached to the network is turned on.

        Devices are only active on the network when they are turned on and this includes engines, the key must be turned on for them to be active (engine doesnt need to be actually running, but its key must be on to where it beeps) otherwise the network doesnt “see” them.
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          Ahhhh ok that worked, now showing a k value for both engines. Thank you so much. One more question, when I refuel, say I put in 100 gallons total, do I calibrate the starboard engine with 50 gallons and port with 50 gallons assuming they burn the same or put 100 in for each and the computer divides it?


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            When you check the fuel used for each engine you will probably see that there is a difference between them, I would do a proportionate calculation and use the figure that produces for each. on twins it is common for one engine to use slightly more than the other.

            Keep that auto select procedure in your memory banks. Whenever data is mysteriously missing, or when a new device is added to the network (even if one of the same model is replaced like for like) then its good practice to run the auto select procedure. Its the first thing I do when any data issues come up. There is no downside to doing it either, just make sure every device attached to the network is turned on when you do it.