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Puzzling DF175AP Problem

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  • Puzzling DF175AP Problem

    Greetings all...I'm hoping some of the knowledgeable folks here can help me. I have a pair of 2018 DF175AP's that were installed on my boat about a year ago. The engines have been pretty trouble free, except for a few peculiar things with the port engine. Occasionally while shifting from forward to reverse, it will die. It always restarts and runs fine. On my last few trips, the left engine has dropped RPM's while crusing from about 4300 down to about 2200, and this is accompanied by an "engine trim change" message on the C-10 gauge. I was not touching the throttles on any of the occasions and and only the left trim showed to be moving. In the last instance, the engine seemed to be cutting in and out. After it did this 3x, I throttled up and ran wide open for 10 minutes with no issues. Prior to the issue yesterday, the engines had run for probably 8 hours offshore with no issues whatsoever. They have about 100 hrs on them. Thanks for any help or insight!

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    sorry your post got to the 2 page without a response
    this sounds to me, after a recent fuel line issue, to be just that
    fuel coming through s common fuel filter?
    check all hose connections for the obvious potential air leaks
    put that engine on muffs and run
    observe the engine inline fuel filter for air bubbles or a half full condition