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Engine serial number & ECU ID

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  • Engine serial number & ECU ID

    Hi all, I've noted on the engine ECU diagnostic download data that the serial number refers to the ECU ID. This is a different format to the engine serial number. I have a friend who's serial number plate has been damaged & he's trying to use the diagnostics to determine what his serial number is.

    Does anyone know of a table that can be used to cross reference ECU ID to engine Serial number?

    Thank you, Dave
    Dave Bradford

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    Not seen or heard of such a table.

    His best bet might be to contact Suzuki in his country and ask if they can help.


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      Oh and of course, if at some stage the ecu has been changed, then unless it was done by Suzuki and they have a record of it, then theres no way....

      From memory, doesnt the ecu data download identify the engine hp and year? That info should be generally sufficient for ordering most common parts?