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    I am in the process of rigging my Triton 21HP for a 250ss Suzuki. Due to the way my dash is shaped I installed a Suzuki 4" SMIS gauge. My boat has a nmea system setup already and is powered on by an accessory switch. I am going to install a power isolater so the gauge doesn't stay on the entire time and is only on when the ignition key is on. My question is does the Suzuki interface need to be on key powered also or can I leave it on with the accessory side of the nmea network?

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    The Suzuki interface is powered by its connection to the harness. So when you install the power isolating T, just make sure that the interface and gauges T’s are all on the one (engine) side. No other changes required.

    If you are repowering, the SMIS gauge is probably not going to be compatible and you could (probably will) have problems. I wouldnt have one on a new engine, just asking for trouble.

    Most knowledgeable dealers in fact wont install a SMIS gauge with a new motor due to these problems. They will use either a C-10 gauge, or better still, the new Suzuki OEM colour digital gauge.

    The new Suzuki OEM gauge doesnt use an interface cable, it connects to the engine harness and powers on with the engine. It can be connected to a NMEA2000 network to access GPS data (for mpg etc) and to share engine data with other displays. But if you dont want mpg data it doesnt need to be attached to a N2K network.

    So you might want to reconsider using the SMIS gauge. I would recommend getting the dealer to install the new Suzuki OEM gauge when the engine goes on.
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      What kind of problems could I have? The only reason I installed the SMIS gauge and analog suzuki gauges, is due to the fact my 4 inch round gauges fit tightly in the contour of my dash. The Suzuki C10 replacement won't fit. If I pull the SMIS back out do I have to install the power isolator and separate power source for the interface cable or just leave it with the accessory power?gauge (2).jpg


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        Problems with SMIS on new engines may include missing data, multiple false codes, data dropping in and out , and simply not working. Its a total crapshoot as to if and when these problems might happen. System might work for a while, then start having problems.

        There have been several iterations of the SMIS software as newer engines came out, and I think the last one was at least 5 years ago, after that, they just gave up.

        The fact is that 2 things are required to make the system work:

        1. The engine interface software version needs to match the engine year.

        2. The software on the gauge displays used to show the engine data need to be matched to the interface software version. The latest engine software was released early this year for current model engines and as I said its been at least 5 years since SMIS software was last updated.

        I am not making it up when I say that many of the bigger experienced USA Suzuki dealers such as Brownspoint, Outboard Specialties, International Marine and others will not install SMIS with new engines. No Suzuki dealer here in Australia will install them with engines since about 2012. Those SMIS gauges are early 2000’s B&W technology and IMO are well past their use-by date. I think they only keep them available as replacements for ones on old installs that fail.

        Another option for you might be to forget the dedicated digital “gauges”, stick with analogue to fit with your dash design, and then display the engine data on a MFD screen - Lowrance and Simrad both play the best with Suzuki, and there is now a special interface cable that allows them to display all the engine fault codes, alarms and service reminders on the screen.

        If you go that way, you can keep things simple and just leave the network powered as it is via the accessory switch, just add 1 T to the network for the interface. All that means is that engine data will only be displayed on the MFD screen when the network power is turned on. And presumably you would have the network powered on whenever you want those MFD’s turned on so that shouldn’t be a problem.


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          Thanks for your help. I'll probably just take the SMIS back out. I already installed the analog gauges, just didn't want to install a speedo as they are inaccurate on a bass boat.


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            If I try to install the new multifunction gauge, which one would be best for my setup? Also what else would I need?


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              This is the new Suzuki inhouse manufactured gauge: its referred to as the Suzuki SMG4 gauge.


              The gauge connects directly to the engine harness with an adapter cable. At the engine end, the harness connection has to be changed from the analogue connector to the SDS connector.

              Hence you cannot run both analogue gauges and the new Suzuki SMG4 together.

              Here is a link to Brownspoint Suzuki page with the various SMG gauge kits listed, depending on what engine you have.



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                Originally posted by fishingteach View Post
                Thanks for your help. I'll probably just take the SMIS back out. I already installed the analog gauges, just didn't want to install a speedo as they are inaccurate on a bass boat.
                If you want a nice speedometer that IS accurate, I have this Faria GPS speedometer on my boat now, since the mechanical speedo got easily clogged, so was often useless. Nothing special needed to hook it up. It has its own GPS receiver built-in. Under $200.

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