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SDS Software 8.0 vs 8.3

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  • SDS Software 8.0 vs 8.3

    Hi all. My laptop died - with no dignity... It was about time I think. I got another and it has Win10 x64 (old one was Win7 x64). I loaded SDS 8.0 from a CD image and I'm having trouble with the adapter and drivers. Once I get that fixed, can anyone tell me if v 8.0 will work OK in Win10 x64 or do I have to try and find 8.3 (which shows up on the adapter packages - at least in the US). I have the adapter and USB to Serial cable. Thanks. Hope some can get out in fresh air (alone I guess...) under current conditions!

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    I have ver. 8.0 running on win 10, 64 bit


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      Good to know. Thanks. I believe it's a driver issue... Been raining and the boat isn't in my garage. Stay well.