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2017 Suzuki DF250 NMEA Issues

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  • 2017 Suzuki DF250 NMEA Issues

    I have a 2017 DF250. Just recently I have been having issues with false engine data being sent to C10 gauge on NMEA network. Engine temp may go from 130F to -45F then to 800F, it is also saying remote battery is low even though I do not have remote start. When this happens multiple alarm codes start popping up. I thought this may be a C10 issue after reading days of post on this forum so I added a NMEA T and connected my Garmin, same type of signals are popping up on the Garmin (false temps and RPMS). Any ideas??

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    Most of these weird data and engine performance problems are related to poor electrical supply to the engine and network.

    You might have 12 Volts with no load, but if the wires or terminals are corroded or loose or damaged etc then it wont take the current draw and you WILL get engine and network problems.

    Often there are multiple false fault codes appearing too. Exactly as you have found.

    The computers on these engines demand quality electrical supply.

    So the first thing to do is a thorough clean of battery terminals and inspection of battery cables, then a clean and inspection of the Suzuki white wire connection, which is most likely connected to the + of the main battery switch for the start battery. And of course a check of the start battery itself to emsure it is charged up and will take a load. Getting a battery load test done is a good idea, a really good idea. And check that the network power supply connection and the fuse that (should be in) the + wire is good and the fuse holder itself is good.

    Secondly, I came across a not dissimilar issue on this forum recently and it had me baffled until the owner revealed that their network backbone was installed WITHOUT terminating resistors at each end. How on earth it had supposedly worked for a year and a half is beyond me, but anyway, putting the resistors on fixed the data dropping out /flaky gauge performance issues.


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      Thanks so much Moonlighter, I am going to get the batteries load tested in the AM now, they are three years old, well that is how long they have been installed. This has been driving me nuts. I have cleaned the terminals really good and the white and black cable as you mentioned, they are connected to battery 1. The NMEA power cable is connected to my switch panel. I will keep you posted with results, thanks so much for responding.


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        If the network power supply is connected to the switch panel, then be sure to check the house battery too. If you have any electronics run from that panel, can you check the voltage supply they are receiving too? Bad power to the network itself is also a source of problems.


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          DF250AP: I think I have finally got to grips with the setting up of the instruments .....except!
          The instrumentation shows a rudder angle indicator which is exactly what I need! (Don't we all?!) BUT I cannot get it to move when I turn the motor? Help needed here!


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              Moonlighter, so I ended up trying everything as mentioned, thanks so much for the tips. I ended up taking it to local Suzuki dealer to find that it was a faulty Gateway cable. PN 990C0-88170. Up and running fine $575.00 later, unfortunately it was not covered under warranty. All part numbers beginning wit 9 are only covered for one year so I was told.