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Suzuki DF100A bad noise at idle

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  • Suzuki DF100A bad noise at idle

    Hey all!

    Yesterday my engine (Suzuki DF100A 2013) started to make a bad noise at idle. It goes away if i give it just a little throttle. And about a day before i heard this sound, the engine has stalled on me when i go from high speed to idle.

    I have checked for fault codes with Suzuki SDS diagnostic and cant find any faults.
    IAC duty is normal at idle 50%.
    Idle is about 700RPM.

    The sound comes from the intake side of the engine. Fuelpump?

    Video with noise at idle.

    Video of engine 900RPM.

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    I think i found the problem!
    The engine got worse and started to surge at higher RPMs. tought maybe it is a fuel problem?!

    Started to check fuel hoses and i found that my water fuel filter separator was loose! Fixed that and i was crusing for an hour and had no issues! Hope it was that simple!

    Can air in the fuel system cause that sound?


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      Hey, after fixing it. Did it ever start making that noise again?