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DF30 -06 Engine goes into Safemode.

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  • DF30 -06 Engine goes into Safemode.


    I have a weird issue with my -06 DF30 Suzuki engine. I'm getting the "starting-beep" and at first everything works as it should. However after a while the tachometer just drops to zero and the engine beeps and the oil light blinks and goes into a mode where I cannot go pass 3000 rpms. When starting the engine again after this I don't get the beep and the tachometer still doesnt work. It is like it's in some sort of "Safemode". If I wait a long while like +12 hours it starts working again but after a while the problem just occurs again..

    I've been thinking that it might be the oil pressure switch that is faulty. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I've talked to my local Suzuki repairshop but the guy working there didn't have a clue..

    Thanks in advance.