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DT4 no idle suspect pilot jet

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  • DT4 no idle suspect pilot jet

    My 1996 newly acquired DT4 fails to idle after having stripped and cleaned the carb to death X2.
    The question I have is should I be able to see daylight through the body of the pilot jet?
    I have tiny jet cleaners that are coming to a stop when poking from the narrow end, seems as if it's coming up against something solid.
    I'm tempted to redrill but am not sure if they are designed this way or not?

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    Never drill holes! Should not have to.

    The best method of cleaning carbs and jets is soaking, then blow each hole or passage and jet with a good compressed air source. Most likely your pilot jet is fine, but it is specifically drilled for air/fuel mixture. If the air or fuel passages are dirty/blocked, or the jet is dirty it will never adjust properly.

    When the carb is cleaned as said above, adjust the idle air mixture screw to what the manual recommended then don't touch it again, unless your plugs show poor color from idling.

    Good luck, post back on what you find out.


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      Spot on Solarman.
      It was the idle passage that was blocked, so much so that blasting in all directions with carb cleaner made no difference.
      A couple of hours soaking in acetone did the trick though, she's now purring.
      Thanks for the help


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        Glad you found the problem. Those tiny passages can easily get blocked up.

        Happy boating.