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Suzuki df115 irregular rev over 3000

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  • Suzuki df115 irregular rev over 3000

    Hi everyone,

    Here my issue. Unfortunately recently my boat went underwater. (sea). I rushed the boat to the technician which "fixed" all the issues. He assured me that he tested and bla bla. I launched the boat and after 5 min I got the low fuel error alarm (3 beeps), so I checked both filters (external and internal) and they were full of water. I kindly asked the technician if the forget to clean the fuel tank, and he said of course he cleaned (yes of course)... So I pumped all the fuel out which was a mixture of water and fuel, clean the filters (and replaced with new ones) and opened the valve of the VST and also there was water with a bit of oil and fuel, no debris.

    I let Let it run for a good hour on idle and seemed to be ok, went out, open full throttle and around 3000 RPM the engine stopped like was the neutral switch, I drive for a 10 min at 2500 RPM open full throttle again and reached top speed... then I stopped and accelerate again but again the engine stopped around 3000 RPM - 4000 RPM, is not exactly 3000 RPM so I think is not the neutral switch I guess?

    I noticed also the first time was irregular, reach the 3000 RPM and then slow down to 2500 quick. The second time was steady at 3000 RPM

    Thank you in advance for any suggestion