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2013 Suzuki 150 HP Outboard, intermittent degrade in power

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    No they did not, but I believe this is the fuel filter that they took apart and cleaned the small screen that's the size of your pinky fingernail. He said it looked good, but cleaned it and used high pressure air to blow it clean. If you don't think this is the one that the took apart, let me know.


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      Or I should say, if you don't think a mechanic would usually take this apart and clean the screen, and that they would just install a new one, let me know.

      thanks again.


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        The tiny screen they cleaned would have been in the VST.

        The filter that I linked is completely different and as far as I know is not serviceable, it just gets replaced.


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          I took the boat our last Thursday on a weekend trip. To start it off, me and my buds went about 10 minutes of puttering while we had a beer to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. During this slow cruise time, the motor's rpm dropped. When done w our drinks, i gave it the gas and it wouldn't go above 3400 rpm, so I shut if off, waited 10 seconds and it restarted perfectly. We then went about our weekend easily putting 8-10 hours on the boat and it never skipped a beat! I don't want to jinx myself, but it appears to be all fixed. No idea why it dropped down at the beginning of our trip. Maybe something that was clogging a filter finally disolved??? No idea.