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1989 DT65 - Float Height and Hotter Spark Plug Questions

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  • 1989 DT65 - Float Height and Hotter Spark Plug Questions


    This is my first post. I've been using a manual I found online to get my DT65 running well again, but it has a lot of gaps when it comes to this motor. I've ordered another from Browns point marine.

    It idles well, but bogs down and dies once in water with any amount of throttle. Once warm, it does get going a little better. However, that takes a while. My mechanic friend recommended a hotter plug. It currently has B8HS-10. Can I go to a B8HS-8? Is the correct gap 32?

    I've replaced everything from the gas can to fuel pump to motor side fuel hoses. It still seems as though the motor is starved for fuel.

    Today I took the carbs off and soaked them in a bucket of cleaner and blew everything out with compressed air. The question I have, is what is the correct float height for this year and do I measure from the gasket surface, without the gasket installed, to the top of the float? Or, from the top of the main jet to the top of the float (while inverted for both options)? I've seen it both ways on different DT65 iterations. Right now it's at right under an inch from gasket surface to top of float which makes me wonder if that is making the engine too lean (starve) when given throttle but idle fine.

    I really appreciate any help!