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Fuel Burn twin DF 225s

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  • Fuel Burn twin DF 225s

    I just pick up a 265 Grady with twin 2016 DF225, about 325 hours. When I picked it up, fuel burn was within about 5-8% between port and starboard. I read some postings here and it seems like that is a normal variation. I was getting about 1.6-1.7 MPG at cruise. Yesterday, I was reading 1.1MPG. I checked the individual motor info an they were way off.

    13.8 GPH (P) 9 GPH (S). The motors sound fine and the throttles positions are aligned. (ie, Port isn't floored while starboard is at 3/4).

    I talked to my mechanic on the phone, he said is the motors are running fine it is likely gauge/data issue. I didn't change any settings as far as I know.

    Any thoughts on what could be the culprit? First step, reset the port? I was given a motor interface cable with the boat if that is of any help.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I am hoping it is a software issue not a problem with the motors.

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      Have a read of this thread. Very similar problem, it was due to a software issue. Your 2016 engines use the same version software as I gave this guy:

      The only additional IMPORTANT thing to note is that when updating interface software where twin engines are on the network is that you must only update one interface at a time, the second one needs to be unplugged from the network when you do the first cable, and then the first is unplugged, the second plugged back in, then do itS upgrade. One they are both done, plug both back in and do the configuration process.


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        thank you for the response! I will give that a try and report back.