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1998 DT140 Reed Valves

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  • 1998 DT140 Reed Valves

    I bought the 18' Lund with the 1998 DT140 a couple years ago and it has never run quite right.
    Motor would never idle worth a crap, and after running WOT, it would load up and stall.
    Repalced all the fuel hoses, cleaned VST, blah, blah, blah.
    Then I read on the forum about the reed valves and bingo, I thought well, maybe yeah.
    Pulled the intake off and low and behold lookee what I found!!!
    Ordered a set of Boyesen power reeds and they are going in as soon as I get some replacement gaskets.

    What about these oil plugs ?
    The cylinder with the broken reeds has the plug burned and melted a little on the end, does anybody know if this is ok? or should it be replaced?
    Thanks for all the good info on this forum.
    Once I get this back together I will update.



    Here is pic of good cylinder oil plug