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The Dreaded White Wire

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    I am sorry to get to the conversation late.
    from your original text sometime you get power sometimes you don't--check your battery switch
    I just replaced mine last year - the switch went bad for whatever reason. switch it watching with a volt meter to see if you can get it to fail.
    can't get that to fail then take apart any splice joints in the white wire and replace them with good butt end connectors that are the water tight for marine use and remove the 2nd fuse - it is superfluous.
    The white wire from what I understand goes directly to the remote- make sure that connector is good.
    the tilt/trim gets its power off the white wire prior to the WW powering the key switch. That is why you can raise/lower the engine without turning the key on.
    If it still fails after doing the above - replace the white wire.


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      Art, great info. I was experiencing the intermittent operation of the trim. Knew it was white wire related, never realizing it was the power supply to trim. No key no power to engine. So much to these engines, it makes me appreciate how much I run it care free. Maintain em and run em.


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        Thanks both, will investigate further.