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Running the AC off an inverter

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  • Running the AC off an inverter

    The DF300 has a 54 amp alternator and my boat has a 30 amp battery charger. I have a 2500 watt inverter and the AC uses 900 watts 220 volts. The question is: is there a problem running the engine 2 or 3 hours at a time to keep the battery charged while running the AC off the inverter?

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    Whew, this is an I/E question. You should consider posting this on an electrical forum. I know we have some brilliant guys on this site. But, yikes.... what a question.


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      I don't think the inverter can make 220 (250v) AC. Remember you need two legs of 120 (125v) to make 220.


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        You would also need to look at the Suzuki alternator output at idle revs. I doubt very much that it will be 54amps. I dont know what rpm the rated 54amps is generated.

        And then you need to find out realistic available (excess) amperage after taking into account the need for some of the output to keep the starting battery at a suitable state of charge to keep the engine running happily.

        This is why people with many power hungry house accessories run solar panels and/or gen sets linked to banks of house batteries.