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    Still need some help. Sorry for the long post.. I bought a pair of used 2008 300's fly by wire. Trying to configure the BCM. So i have each motor connected to the Y cable (with resistors) to the extension cable and that goes to the main harness. here is the problem. Using SDS you configure single station and twin engine, the next screen says on the Port motor press the PTT down (will hear high pressure pump run when you let go) and then select OK. Well when I press PTT down the motor goes down but the pump never comes on and the OK button does not highlight. BUT if I press Stbd PTT down then the Stbd pump comes on and the screen now highlights the OK to select. If I select OK the screen then shows Stbd and select PTT, when I do that to the Port motor again the OK button does not highlight. Now the tricky part, If I swap the Port and Stbd connectors at the Y then I can get the Port to highlight the OK button but the Stbd will not. I thought maybe a bad Y cable, replaced no help. I thought maybe the BCM was defective, replaced no help.
    I have ohm'd the extension cable, its fine. So it seems for some reason the one leg is not working. the only thing left would be the main harness ($$$$) . I do get SMIS data from the Port and Stbd motors so there is some communication. Anyone have any other ideas? These motors came off a triple engine dual station setup. The main harness is NOT for a dual station so not sure where it came from also it does not have a pn on it. But everything connects. I'm gonnna ohm the resistors evn though they are new. Really dont want to buy a harness..any ideas?