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Recognize sub battery wire coupler in dashboard: how?

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  • Recognize sub battery wire coupler in dashboard: how?

    Hi All,
    I want to reconnect the sub battery wire to the remote control wire harness in the dashboard:
    it's now connected at other end of the harness near the engine:
    how do I recognize this coupler in the dash wire spaghetti ?

    DF115A - Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605

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    Maybe this one (in red circle)? Looks very similar to the one in the motor >>

    DF115A - Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605


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      Not familiar with the extra plug end that you are showing.
      However, is there a reason you are wiring around the white wire that would be bundled in the wire harness?
      The white wire should come off the battery switch. there are some installers that take and connect it to the connection at the starter (not recommended).


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        Thanks. Wire is presently connected to end of the remote control harness at the engine side: very moisty/vibrating conditions there.
        I understand there exists a 2nd hook up on the other end of the harness (in the dash): seems like a better spot to connect.
        The -packaged- male connector in the picture (in the dash), looks very similar to the other male connector (engine) >>

        DF115A - Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605


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          did you experience a problem? If so explain.
          What are you trying to accomplish?

          the WW in the photo - what is it connected to on the engine?
          Unless you know exactly what you are connecting wires to, you could be doing some serious damage.

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            Thanks Art,
            The white wire in the 2nd photo is the 'white wire' that comes from the starter battery.
            It is connected in the picture to the sub battery coupler in the remote control harness - engine side.
            On the other end of the remote control harness (in the dash) there's supposed to be another sub battery coupler, at least that's what the Suzuki wiring scheme says.
            I'm trying to identify this coupler among the loads of empty connectors present there.

            I was hoping some of the guru's here might be familiar with this harness, and point me, indeed to avoid toasting some device.

            The connector in the red circle (1st pic, dash) looks very similar to the white wire coupler in the 2nd picture, so I'm assuming the one in the red circle is indeed the one I'm looking for, but confirnation from an expert here remains welcome.


            DF115A - Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605


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              Lets think this through....

              The white wire powers the ecu. Its normally connected to the + of the starting battery or the main battery switch, typically located very near the batteries. Good so far. Thats the standard connection regime.

              So you change the white wire to a power source up behind the console/dash.

              What does that mean?

              Do all power sources behind the console come from a connection to the batteries at the stern? If so, the ecu is now going to be powered by a supply wire that goes from the battery, up to the dash, and from there the white wire travels back to the engine to power the ecu. That supply wire to the dash is of course itself connected in the same area as the white wire currently is, eg to the main battery switch or battery. Which puts you right back where you started, except that there's now 20ft x 2 more wire and all the potential for resistance that brings.

              So maybe that plan is now not looking so good...?

              Then possibly, if you have more than 1 battery, the power at the dash end may not even come from the starting battery, more likely its supplied from a house battery. House batteries power all other onboard electrics such as sounders stereos lights etc, and often get discharged. If like many boats the dual battery system is managed via a VSR then the start battery gets charged first by the engine, the house battery is second priority. The whole idea of separate start and house batteries is to protect the start battery from being flattened by house activites.

              So now we have a situation where the ecu power is potentially compromised by stuff on the house battery running it down.

              You might be better off looking into improving the location and moisture protection of the wiring near the batteries?


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                Thanks all, sufficient for me.
                Learned a lot again.

                DF115A - Jeanneau Merry Fisher 605