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How to remove the engine block anodes?

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  • How to remove the engine block anodes?


    I'm trying tho remove the engine block anodes from my 2007 D140. They have never been changed but the engine does not run much( 150 hrs so far) an open most of the time out of the water.
    When I look at the you tube videos it seems like you are suposed to push out the holder with a larger bolt.
    I have tested with a m10 but it only goes in about 1 turn.
    Is it 3/8?, fine thread?
    Does any one know?

    Secondly the anode by the rectifier is pretty stuck... should I just "hammer" a screwdriver in there and pry it out?

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    you are correct by using the 10 mm bolt just not turning it more. it is used too push the anode holder out which iodide is basically held in with an " O" washer.


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      Please don't use a hammer and screw driver!!!
      if really stuck, try turning the holder , there maybe some debris built up on the inside to break loose. The anode is held on to the inside of the cover with a screw. take apart and clean with a non-steel brush. if worn down to less half or 50% - best to replace it.
      double check the O rings the verify they are still good

      If you don't have the Suzuki service manual, I can only suggest getting one-- A very good investment if you are going to do your own work..