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    I have a 2014 DF300 which I bought new and service it religiously. My Trim went out in September. Since it was still under the extended warranty, it was replaced. It went out a second time prior to Christmas, 54 hours later. Due to COVID and the holidays I was just able to get it to the shop. I am being told that the motor went out of warranty in December and the part only had a 90 warranty. This is my 9th boat and my first Suzuki. I have never had a trim go out much less two times in 6 months. Are they selling so many motors these days that they do not care about keeping their customers happy with decent warranties (90 days is ridiculous on a part like this). If this is the case, this will be my first and last suzuki. My mechanic said he has replaced 5 trim motors in the last two months on similar year motors. He has never seen so many go out. Has anyone else had trim issues and encountered similar responses?

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    Have never seen this issue reported on this forum on any regular basis, very rarely in fact.

    To have 2 x trim motors fail in short order is unusual indeed. Pretty sure they are not an OEM part, they are are a third party supplier unit.

    Is there any indication of why the motor failed? Was the associated wiring and switching checked to make sure that something is not causing the issue?

    If the engine is still under the extended warranty period, then the trim motor will still be covered. If not then the industry standard 3 months on parts applies.

    link to Suzuki parts warranty


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      explain what was occurring when the trim motor failed...
      there are a number of wiring / switch issues that can effect the trim motor


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        Thank you for your replies...The first fail was slow coming on. The trim would just go up and down slower but was noticeable over ten trips. The current one happened very fast after 54 hours on the motor or just under 3 months after being fixed. I put boat in water and it did not sound right going down. Very slow. got up on plane then came back down about 10 docks away. Went over talked to people on the dock for about an hour+ had the radio on the whole time (new batteries). When I went to go back home I trimmed the motor up as the tide had gone out. Once I got to the channel the motor would not go back down. I idled home. The next day went out to check it worked but was very slow. up and down then stopped again. I put on lift. A couple of days later, I went to put on trailer to bring to shop and again it was very slow but I did not want to put down, If it did not go back up I would not be able to pull it out of the water...Idled to ramp. put on trailer. Tried it on the trailer...same slow then stopped working. I have done all routine maintenance at the same Suzuki certified mechanic since new. My issue was they were closed over the holidays so I was just able to get it there. I am now out of the 90 day window. I would think it would act up prior to the 54 hours if it were wiring.