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Pontoon Legs limiting max speed to 19 (w/o them 29)

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  • Pontoon Legs limiting max speed to 19 (w/o them 29)

    I have a 23 ft pontoon (two toons) with a 115. I had Hewitt pontoon legs in stalled at 567 lbs. The boat now only achieves 19 mph (I don't recall the max rpm it hit). Without them 29MPH was expected. Should I expect that the engine height needs to be adjusted from standard with the legs installed? Currently the boat has a 14x17 prop. Would another prop potentially help. I am concerned it was not setup optimally by the dealer and that it could cause excessive wear. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Do the legs raise the deck up off the pontoons? if so I would assume that the engine height would need to be adjusted down to compensate. A jack plate may help.


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      Or are you talking like Sea-Legs? the jacks that lift the boat out of the water? If it's those then they could be adding drag along with the extra weight of the system, so that might be your new top speed.


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        Might be useful to post some photos to show what is going on.