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IAC value df140 2013 Suzuki

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  • IAC value df140 2013 Suzuki

    I took my df140 to dealer to be fixed (high pressure fuel pump) . When I got it back it is idling at 1200 rpms, dealer told me I needed new ECM, throttle body, And Iac Valve
    basing that on recalls of later models, so dealer managed to get ECU from tech. I bought throttle body, IAC test to be good. IAC valve stays open when plugged in and closed when unplugged, will not go to duty cycles. I can only think that the ECU from Suzuki might have issues.
    Very frustrating

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    Seacrh this forum, there was a known design issue, with IAC valves failing and causing damage to ecu.

    Suzuki redesigned the throttle body and in most cases here, they will do the replacement and repair FOC even if out of warranty due to this being a known design issue. Dealer should take the matter up with Suzuki on your behalf.

    You should have replaced the old IAC valve as dealer recommended. New ecu may now have been damaged.


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      I have tried 2 different IAC valves that ohm out at spec, The dealer is where I bought motor new from. I had to force their hand just to call technical support just to get ECM. Suzuki doesn’t seem willing to help. I’m currently looking for a Suzuki repair shop that can do more than change parts


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        Yes I would find a new Suzuki dealer that is competent. One that sends you back an engine after repair that is not working properly does not deserve your business.

        I would be talking to Suzuki to let them know your displeasure with their dealer’s work and to let them know you are well aware of the “known issues” with the throttle body/IAC valve/ecm for that model year and that you expect them to come to your support without having to pay full price, if anything.