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DF140 2003 to 2017 Powerhead swap

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  • DF140 2003 to 2017 Powerhead swap


    I recently swapped a damaged powerhead on my 2003 model DF140 with one from a 2017 donor engine. I also changed the engine holder and oil pan which had been the source of the damage where water came in. We used the newer style holder to mate up with the 2017 powerhead.

    We had to relocate the CKP sensor in order for our old ECM it to pickup the flywheel.

    Now we are getting a 2-4 code for CMP sensor. Sensor is good, so is wiring. Upon further investigation I noticed that the exhaust cams on the 2017 are different than the ones from the 2003 model. Particularly where the vanes are cut in the end of the cam for the CMP sensor pickup.

    What can be done to solve this? All I can think of is to either reinstall the older style exhaust cam. Or, to retrofit a newer style ECM and harness.

    Any ideas as to what should be done?

    2003 Exhaust Cam

    2003 exhaust cam.jpg

    2017 Exhaust Cam

    2017 exhaust cam.jpg
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    Swapped the exhaust cam on Saturday. The 2-4 check engine code is now gone.

    This was the more reasonable way to go as I had a good 2003 exhaust cam. Got it polished for $15 bucks and dropped it in. On the 2003 cam the lobes are in the same position as the 2017 exhaust cams. only difference i could see was on the CMP sensor pickup ring.

    It looks as if the CMP sensor ring could be pressed in/out. Did not want to find out the hard way.

    All good on the muffs, sea trial this week.