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NMEA2000 Engine Side SDS Wire Color Code?

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  • NMEA2000 Engine Side SDS Wire Color Code?

    Hey again -

    I am wanting to make my own SDS adapter cable. My 2011 DF90A SDS plug wiring color code does not seem to match the chart in Grant's guide (Thanks for that guide!). Can someone fill me in? My plug's wires looks to be Orange/Yellow, Black with Yellow dots, Black/Green, Yellow with Black dots.

    If I disregard the colored dots, the colors can be found except the guide's Gray/Red wire. Is it simply my Black/Green wire? What damage could I do if I mis-wire while trying to figure out the correct wiring?

    Thank you...


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    You will find information on this thread that should help. It appears that the wire colors differ slightly from models, years, and country.

    First I would find your 12V power source first, I perfer a multimeter (Should be your Black /Green wire)

    Then you should only need to locate your data line (Should be Orange /Yellow or Yellow) It will not hurt anything if you get them backward at first. You will just not get data.
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      Great - Thank you Henry. I needed that!