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Suzuki NMEA install help (Raymarine with new motor)

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  • Suzuki NMEA install help (Raymarine with new motor)

    I have watched all available youtube videos and dug into the forums but am just trying to confirm the exact parts required to install a NMEA interface on my boat.

    I have a RayMarine A series chartplotter and a new 2020/21 Suzuki DF90A and analog RPM gauge (2009 model approx) and no other parts. My preference is to just leave the RPM gauge out of the equation and use the chartplotter to display data.

    It appears I potentially need the following:

    1. 990c0-88136 SMIS gauge adapter (not sure what this is for)
    2. 990c0-88149-354 engine interface cable
    3. Raymarine Seatalk starter kit including the following
    1. A06064: SeaTalkng 5-way Connector
    2. A06031: SeaTalkng Backbone Terminator (x2)
    3. A06040: SeaTalkng Spur Cable 3m
    4. A06049: SeaTalkng Power Cable
    Thanks SO much for any help you can offer!


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    The first two Suzuki parts you listed are almost correct, they have just released a new version interface cable the part number ends in -357 so thats the one to get instead of -354. The adapter cable is needed because if you want to keep analogue gauges, you will need to use the adapter cable to connect the interface to the SDS plug on the engine.

    I recommend strongly that you cut the adapter cable in half and solder/heat shrink in an extension to make it long enough to run thru the engine rigging tube, into the boat and up to the dash. This will allow the interface cable and associated network connections to all be kept there where it is cool, clean and dry.

    I have no idea about the Raymarine network components. I ASSUME that they are their version of NMEA2000 and if that is the case it should work. I suggest that you verify that your model Raymarine display has the capability to display engine data eg that it has a virtual dashboard type page.... not all do.

    You need 2 things to tango - an engine that outputs engine data in NMEA2000 format (tick), and a display that can receive that data and display it (unknown at this point)