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Suzuki df20ra no power to fuel pump

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  • Suzuki df20ra no power to fuel pump

    I have a Suzuki df20ra with no power getting to the fuel pump, I have checked the white wire going into the motor from the controls up front (stick steer setup) I have checked the fuse for that also, I have checked both fuses inside the cowl in the white and yellow holders, the one for the starter was blown from the guy who owns the motor trying to start it over and over to get the boat home when the fuel delivery problem started... I have switched both of the relays with each other starter works both times... basically if I pump the primer bulb the engine will start and idle but will not rev up, I have a new fuel pump from Suzuki on the motor just to rule it out, I have checked for power and ground at the fuel pump connector there is no ground on the far left wire and the black/red and black/yellow wires both get like .4v with the key switched on... also if I take the hose off that goes from the fuel pump to the injector rail, and turn the key on, it does squirt just a little tiny bit of fuel out for a millisecond, almost like the pump comes on and shuts off immediately not runs for like 3 seconds like it should... any help would be very much appreciated this motor is beating me senseless