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2003 DF70 Temperature Light On

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  • 2003 DF70 Temperature Light On


    So the engine has had no problems at all, but today after running at 750-1000 rpms for 10 minutes in a no wake zone my temp light came on and the alarm was sounding. The engine was putting out water completely normal and was the normal temperature to hand. The engine also felt a normal temperature when in touched the cover. We turned around and the engine had no problem. I also restarted the engine and no temp light came on and reved it in neutral to 2,000 rpm with no temp light coming on. Freak accident or anything it could possibly be? Engine had perfect oil levels too.


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    You may have picked up some debris on the water intakes, and slowing down and taking it out of gear allowed it to disperse.

    Many people dont know thatbthese Suzukis have 2 temp alarms.

    One is for when the temp gets too high and hits the “too hot” temperature set by the factory. Its called Temp Absolute in the ecu codes.

    The other is a temp gradient alarm, it goes off when the temp rises too quickly but has not reached the “too hot” level. Called TempGradient in the ecu record.

    So you may have had the TempGradient alarm go off. Next time the engine is connected up to the Suzuki diagnostic software, check the record of alarm codes and see what one was recorded.