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How low does your DF 25 idle?

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  • How low does your DF 25 idle?

    Hey everyone! So I have a 2004 Johnson 4 stroke which to my knowledge is a Suzuki. I have it on a 13 whaler and it runs great. My only issue is it's idle speed. It only likes to idle higher than other engines I've had. Also when in gear it struggles to run nice at slow speeds like you would for trolling. Everything else seems to be perfect. I talked to a local Suzuki mechanic and he said that is how these engines are and they are very finicky at low idle/speed. I was wondering if this was everyone else's experience or if there is anything I could do. In an ideal world I would be able to pull the throttle back far enough for a slow troll.

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    My 2019 DF25 will idle around 850 to 900 rpm after warmed up in neutral.