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Charging issue

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  • Charging issue

    Ok, bear with me. I am not well versed in electricity, but I have some basics. 04 DF140. It used to show 14+V on Volt meter. The other day I was out and I saw it was only reading 12.5 with engine running. I tested at battery and same reading. So, I went down a rabbit hole. I checked the fuses, all good. I disconnected the wire from the rectifier that runs to the fuse/main and tested the Volts coming out of it while engine running. I would vary between 11-12.5. With engine off, I then disconnected one of the white wires coming from the stator to the rectifier, and then started engine, Volts dropped to 8. I reconnected it and did same thing with other wires. One wire when I disconnected it, the Volts jumped up to 14.5. So, There must be something wrong with that circuit. Now previously one of the three wires that came off the stator had charged at the connector to the rectifier. I have a parts motor so I swapped out Stator. Same problem. So, Im thinking there is an issue in the rectifier? The manual says to test it with a suzuki pocket tester, but dont have one. Is it odd that it would put out 14V with only 2 of the leads comin off the stator? I hope this makes sense.
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    If anyone happens to come across this with similar issue, it turned out to be my rectifier. I replaced it and its charging well now.