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DF200 - Crack in Gear Case

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  • DF200 - Crack in Gear Case


    I have noticed a small outward crack forming in the gear case. I am unsure on what is behind here or what could have caused it.

    Looking for advice about maybe cutting out and using jbweld or blue demon rod to seal again..

    Any advice? Thoughts?

    I have included 3 pictures.
    It is located here in the red circle on the gear case.


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    You're Crack looks much lower in the photo than on the diagram. It appears to be below the oil level mark. You verified lower is not taking on water, right? You could pressure test the lower unit oil. If it was mine I would consider sanding the area and grinding into the base metal a small amount. I would use JB Weld, I have it on spot of my mid unit and it has held up very well. The thing about that location is you can see it before every trip. Also, you could pull the top plug to see if anything comes out. These things take on water and displace the oil when the have a leak. That's what I have seen. That's not ideal fix.
    Yes, drain and test lower after 1st trip. But you can check top plug thereafter, without draining all the oil.
    Just my opinion, worth price charged.


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      Thanks. I have just changed the gear oil which drew my attention to it. There was a little bit of white oil when I drained the gear case after 12months in and out of lockdowns in Australia. This was the first time I changed the oil myself. I'm going out a few times before Xmas and will monitor. Would you use the JBWeld Marine version other?