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100hrs DF200 cylinder wall failure

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  • 100hrs DF200 cylinder wall failure

    764B6D8C-24E2-4F70-9F8D-43B0E37AE63E.jpegHi Forum,

    I just got the bad news that this will not be covered under warranty. Only 106hrs, per dealer no overheats on the ECU. I flushed it every time I took it out with salt away for 10-15 minutes right away too so the t stats were open. Just looking for opinions of if this looks like normal corrosion for a east coast Florida outboard and to me that chip out of the cylinder wall doesn’t look like it should have happened so soon in the motors life. I’m debating doing a rebuild, thankfully I live near a good machinist who seems confident they can sleeve it. I can’t stomach paying Suzuki for another powerhead. Thoughts?
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    Water jacket ate through in less than 3 yrs. Bends my mind. Did that part of jacket looked plugged and the reason it blew the gasket? It doesn't change the fact that extended warranties are supposed to be used. I assume they are saying if you brought it in with milky oil they would have repaired it. I would re-read policy. Have a lawyer write them a letter, threatening action. I was forced to do something to get a responsible party to step up, once. I filed a small claim against a cable company when their low hanging cable (over a roadway) caught my center console. They said no one called them about it and were not liable. Until they got the court date summons. I got everything properly repaired. I'm saying, just because they deny the claim does not mean it's settles! Filing claim in small claims court is cheap and easy.


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      One thing I would specifically say in small claim suit, the engine did not have enough hours for regular use, even I salt water, to cause corrosion failure. You believe the issue was the head material and was the defection of material, which caused failure with normal use. Think how many hours others run engine in salt water without jacket failure.


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        What condition were the internal anodes in? Were they ever changed?

        Thats going to tell an important part of this story too.


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          So figured I’d update on this. Suzuki proper covered this minus the labor (about 2k). Replaced the power head, going good. I filed a small claims against them and the warranty company and the guy who worked for the warranty company that denied my appeal lol. Suzuki made it right, cornerstone was terrible. Still don’t know the cause, dealer didn’t know and never got an answer. Being a former mechanic I suspect there was a defect in the casting. Anodes and everything were good.


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            Good for you. Thanks for update.