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Trim tab info on Simrad

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  • Trim tab info on Simrad

    2010 17' flatscat with a jackplate and a 2010 DF90A

    I just hooked up my motor to the simrad GO9 and I am wondering either how to get rid on the trim tab icon on the screen (I am able to get rid of one, but not both of them) or can I hook it up to my jack plate some how to read where the jack plate is set to??

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    Perhaps the icon that you are NOT able to get rid of is not a trim tab icon at all, but rather the motor trim indicator. I doubt that you can convert the indicator to read your jack plate level, unless you can figure out some sort of position sensor for the jack plate itself.
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      If it is like the Lowrance Elite 7ti, it's probably not motor trim indicator as there is already another indicator for the motor trim.

      I cannot get rid of the trim tab indicator either other than removing one to leave one.


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        I have a trim and a tab icon. The trim is reading the trim of the motor correctly. As soon as i figgure out how to post a pic i will post a screen shot of what i am looking at.