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2021 200A 4 cylinder propeller question

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  • 2021 200A 4 cylinder propeller question

    I really need help saving fuel. I just bought a Suzuki 2021 200A 4 cylinder and put on a V20 Welcraft. I have a 4 blade 18p 15 diameter. I’m fully loaded with 250lbs of ice and 60 gallon fuel tank. I’m able to hit 5750 rpms WOT. I’ve seen someone who has same engine and boat travel 120 miles and only burn 32 gallons while I burned 60 gallons. The difference is I had a 150 hp and he had 200 hp.

    My main concern is saving fuel. I used to burn 50-55 gallons on an 18 hour fishing trip with same load on a 150 hp.

    With the 150, I was under powered by 250rpm at WOT.

    Now I burn 62 gallons at around 14.5 hours of fishing which includes going 21 mph to the spot for about 37 miles back. Most of the day is trolling at 10mph Then going again 21mph at the end of the day for about 27 miles.

    I know I’m within RPM bands at WOT going 37mph, but I’m never going at that speed as my boat rides smooth at 21-23mph.

    I really just want to save fuel I definitely don’t need speed.

    Should I try a 17p 3 blade since I don’t need WOT. I know I’ll be over my RPM. I even willing to use a 15p if it will save me fuel. I’m just confused with WOT when I’m never going to use WOT. Two rpm bands I use is 3k for trolling and 4k for going to banks and back.

    I’m waiting cus of a backlog for my SMG4 so I can see exact fuel consumption.