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Suzuki DT40 - not pumping water

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  • Suzuki DT40 - not pumping water

    Good day all

    I have a 1989 DT40 which produces no tell tale water jet at all. I appear to have the motor running nicely and all the top end looks and sounds like it’s in good order. I have dismantled the leg and inspected the water pump, plate, gasket and key which all look to be in reasonably good condition. I have blown compressed air up the tube inside the leg and air flow is all good everywhere I have fired water into the thermostat housing and this does indeed then come shooting out the tell tale, so I am fairly sure there are no blockages anywhere, it just wont send water up with impeller. The only thing of possible concern is the area of casting upon which the impeller gasket sits is a little corroded, (pic attached) but I still fail to see how we are getting NO water jet at all…… The gearbox oil looks to be in fine condition too, not milky.

    Any thoughts out there?

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    Is the base plate bent or is that an optical illusion? I’m not familiar with the older engines but my base plate is flat. When running is there any cooling water coming out the prop? Do you know the last time the entire water pump was changed, not just the impeller?


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      it's an optical illusion, the plate is completely flat. I've since got it working now as someone in another forum suggested the water line really needs to be a few inches above the impeller for it to pump, and they were right!. having run it in the sea it now pumps on the flush muffs as well... who knows....a slight blockage somewhere, now cleared.. .....