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DF 150 AP PTT issues

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  • DF 150 AP PTT issues

    Hi all,

    My DF 150AP has developed a problem with the PTT.

    It sounds awful as though its full of air and very slow to raise the motor to fully tilted up.

    My engineer checked out the motor today and advised me the PTT unit has blown the trim scraper seals almost out of the caps.

    Its under warranty so it will be repaired and parts are on order from Germany and will take about a week.

    Can anyone tell me how the PTT can blow out the scraper seals when tilting the motor up as they are surely designed to clean the rams?

    These seals appear to be in reverse but I may be wrong?

    My engineer has said I was correct in retracting the rams fully in when boat is on the mooring.

    Apparently this is advised in the hand book.

    It's annoying as the motor has only done 140 hours.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    What advice are you actually looking for?

    Do a search on this forum, you wont find such an issue reported often. Not a common or “known” recurring issue. Most mechanics servicing engines will put a dob of grease on the ends of the rams.

    Rather than assume what is apparently recommended in the owners manual, perhaps actually read it to see what it says?

    You just had some bad luck by the sound of it, it will be handled under warranty.
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      I spray my rams with WD40, every other trip. My 07 DF140 has never had PTT problems. It bends my mind that users don't do any type of maintenance on the rams. My other pet peave is jacking them all the way up after every use, then wondering why they fail so often. I know some store their boat in the water, but I would certainly figure out a better way to store the motor.