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    Someone before me used liquid gasket on the top of my impeller housing. the sealing ring is there and dosent appear to have been seeping. Can i use a film of liquid gasket also (after cleaning) and if so what would it be? Or do i need to replace the housing? The material there is black. Thank you

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    You don’t specify what engine you have, Suzuki sells a complete water pump kit, if this engine is new to you then I would highly recommend you replace the entire water pump including the black plastic housing. Liquid gasket is not called for in my service manual nor do I think Suzuki calls for it in any of their engines. I’ve never used it. I’m speculating here but I wonder if the previous owner had a leak due to a warped base plate and used liquid gasket. The money you spend now on a complete water pump is a lot cheaper than an engine down the road


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      Thank you, it didnt seem right, but thought i would ask in case its common practice... and for another $125 or so its cheap. Have a great Day...