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Upgrading to Suzuki C10 gauges

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  • Upgrading to Suzuki C10 gauges

    Hello Everyone
    Just wondering if someone here be able to help me out,i'm just upgrading my dashboard with a pair of C10 gauges for my twin 150's,so far i've plugged the interface cables into the wire harness as you can see from the photo,but im left with a pink and black cable,also another plug with a part number 36663-98J10,not sure what they are and what to do with them
    Thanks In Suzuki wires.jpg advance

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    More info would help.

    So, what gauges did you have before this upgrade? That might help with the spare wires and harness.

    I did a quick search and I suspect that the harness part you mentioned may be for a set if analogue gauges used by Tracker boats and other manufacturers. So its probably not used when the interfaces are connected…l did you have to unplug it from the harness at all? And, if you had analogue fuel gauges, the pick/black pair may have been for that?

    Also don’t forget that you will need to swap the harness connection at the engines from the standard ecu output plug across to the SDS plugs. This then sends digital data up thru the harnesses to the dash. Without dong this the interfaces will not get the data they need to work.


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      Thanks Moonlighter,you might remember few months back you helped me out alot in deciding to upgrade to the c10's,im from the UK,so ended up ordering them from the US along with a Lowrance chartplotter for added information if needed,im replacing my old Suzuki mfd which is part of the nmea system so hopefully i won't need to do anything on the engine side,but if i have to as it is very poorly explained in the manual,what actually do i have to do,would i need to order any other wires for this,as for the other wires that does make sense as im replacing the fuel sender wires with the fuel level sensor cable,i've tracked the pink cable directly to the engine with is interesting,i'll look into this more later
      Thanks again


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        The only potential change at the engine end is as per the final para of my earlier reply. No additional wiring required.


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          Hello Moonlighter,is this the plug which i have to switch over on the engine side,also is there any order which i have to plug everything into my backbone or it doesn't matter
          Thanks John Suzuki plug.jpg


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            The SDS plug normally lives in a rubber holder. Its the only plug close enough to change the connection to the harness to.

            If doesnt matter what “order” things go to the backbone T’s at all.


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              Thanks Monnlighter,after reading many threads on the c10's im getting there slowly,going though the menu,i've managed to assign the interface cables to the correct engines,but for some reason im not getting any data from the port engine except the trim level,also can't get any engine hours to show up on either engines,starboard engine shows correct voltage,temperature is false reading for some reason,i've spent good few hours going right through the menus,done restoring data few times,everything you can think of,but there must be something im missing,all connections are good,certainly good way to learn


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                First step - did you go into the fuel menu/vessel setup and set the boat arrangement to 2 engines/2 tanks?

                If not done, do that.

                Then, In one of the C-10’s, open the network menu/device list.

                Scroll down. Select the Port engine. Select Configure. Then use the dropdown to set the engine location as Port. Then SAVE. Then on that page, select Data. This shows you all the data that the system is seeing from that interface. If all the expected data is listed there, then that tells you the interface is working correctly. You can do the same thing for the starboard engine.

                From there is is just a matter of setting the display up correctly to show data from the chosen engine.

                So the next thing to do is to pick one of the gauges, and set it up to show data from a particular engine. Then do the same for the other gauge. Here is a link to the Sumrad IS-35 user manual. Its the same as a C-10. It tells you how to assign engines to a gauge. And many other things. I will leave it with you to follow the instructions in this manual.



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                  I managed to run the engines today,rev counters,voltage,trim is all good on both engines and c10's,both temperatures stuck on 215 which is annoying,but the overheat alarm sounded when they got hot which is odd considering i have no reading,also engine hours not showing on both c10's,but it does show time i had engines running around 2 minutes,but not the total hours from new which is odd again,i'll call my local dealer to see if they have any ideas,thanks very much again for all your help over the last few months,im quite surprised i made it this far


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                    I came across an issue a couple years ago where a guy had the old Suzuki analogue gauges with the digital data screen at the bottom, they were, from memory, made by Faria. There was a hub they plugged into. When he installed the interfaces, he plugged into this hub, and the data on the SMIS gauges was crazy. Once we told him to completely remove that hub and associated wiring, and connect the interface cable to the engine gauge harness, all was good.

                    My point is that you probably need to remove ALL adapter cables/harnesses associated with your previous gauges, get it back to the basic gauge harness connectors with the white 4 pin and 2 pin (trim) plugs that the tacho and trim gauges connect to, and and thats where the interface cable should be connected. I dont know how accessible the harness is but from those plugs, if you follow them towards the engine, there is no other connectors until the branch in the main harness that is 2/3 the way back to the engine.

                    That sorts the dash end out.

                    Then make sure that the connection at the engine end is correctly plugged into the SDS plug.

                    If all that is right, it will work, its as simple as that. Barring of course a failure in the harness itself eg broken or damaged wires, corrosion in them etc.


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                      Also, you will ALWAYS get erratic or incomplete data if the NMEA2000 backbone is not set up correctly.

                      ITS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that the backbone setup and connections are done correctly. Otherwise you WILL have problems. Sooner or later.

                      In the attached photo you can see a backbone with 3 x T’s set up the correct way. You can see that there is a terminating resistor on each end of the backbone.

                      The power node and all displays, interfaces etc connect to the open ports on those T’s - what I refer to as the “leg”. In the photo, the open ports are on the right side.

                      so the backbone, set up correctly, looks like a line of T’s like this:

                      TTTTT. And a terminating resistor on each end.

                      You must have 1 x T for each device on the network, plus 1 extra for the network power cable.

                      eg if you have 2 x C-10’s, and 2 x Suzuki interface cables, your backbone must have 5 x T’s and 2 x terminating resistors.

                      DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK that the backbone is set up correctly.

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                        I've managed to gain access to my harnesses,everything looks ok,no evidence of anything to do with my old mfd still attached,backbone all good,but I've had a thought,my engine is a 2012 which im aware could be an issue,but i've read that other boaters have managed to get c10's to work on pre 2013 engines,when i ordered everything from Browns Point Marine Service in the US,i originally asked for interface cables v2.9,but they insisted i needed the v3.5 to run the c10's,could it just be a simple case they have sent me the wrong cables because im also getting all sorts of engine fault codes


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                          Engine serial numbers up to 210001 use version 2.9.4
                          serial numbers 310001 and later use version 3.5.04 or 3.5.07

                          The wrong version will cause issues.

                          As will a backbone not set up correctly.

                          C-10’s have been used with engines back to at least 2008.
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                            Did you check the NMEA2000 backbone as I asked?

                            Did you remove that old adapter harness for the analogue gauges?

                            If you track the plug that the interfaces are plugged into behind the dash, there should be no further adapters etc.

                            The only other thing I can think of is that the engine harnesses used on your engines might be old models that cant take the digital data from engine to dash. In that case, a sure way to fix the issue would be to run SDS adapter cables from the SDS plugs back to the dash. Eg the same as you would when keeping analogue gauges.

                            If everything else fails, that might have to be done.

                            But make sure the connections mentioned earlier are done right before we go there.


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                              Hello Moonlighter,just on the off chance your still around on this thread,i've finally received my replacement interface cables v2.9.4,plugged everything back in,assigned cables to correct engines,fault codes have gone which is a good sign,unfortunately the other problems still remain, not showing total engine hours, fuel data, engine&oil temp which is strange considering i did have a multi function digital display before this upgrade, on the C10 setup it keeps changing itself to df175 when i assign it to df150,just wondering if you ever heard of this problem, as for everything else, all i can think of is replacing the whole wire harness,that's going to have to be next years problems