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White wire options

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  • White wire options

    Rigging a 2004 DF140 and thats left is my white wire connection. Ive read conflicting info on what source being straight to battery, after battery switch. Diagragram says straight to battery, just seems odd to have 12volts 24/7

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    yes I agree
    however it goes directly to the remote and is only "on" when the key switch is activated
    Now having said that...
    I put in a second smaller battery switch - directly from the battery post that only the white wire connects to.



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      Connect it to the main battery switch for the start battery so it is powered on and off with that switch.

      Make sure you put some dielectric grease (My preferred dielectric grease is lanolin grease. Has never let me down) on the connection and do it up tight, and make sure the wire itself is supported and held up out of anywhere where water might sit.

      I also put some lanolin grease on the fuse and around the cap of the fuse holder to help waterproof it.

      The place NOT to connect it to is the + pole on the starter motor.